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  • Testing functionality and safety, objectively and with a trained and experienced eye. Use is made of the relevant criteria and appropriate instruments.

    We can ensure that rules and regulations are complied with. You can be safe in the knowledge that officials have access to the right equipment.

    This means that the chance of breakdowns or delays will be minimalized and maximum productivity can be achieved.

    EHtechniek has the expertise to measure, discover, assess and report effectively.


  • Pumping Technology

    Turnkey solutions

    Liquids are unforgiving. Regardless of whether it is clean or contaminated, a liquid always looks for and finds a way in, out, up or down. The control of liquid flows requires sound, in-depth knowledge of pump techniques and pipe systems. This is EHtechniek’s specialism.

    We design and assemble complete pump systems for pumping stations and liquid waste, often in unusual locations, deep underground, built into a work of art or a long distance from a mains electricity source. It is not uncommon that the free movement of liquid through a system needs to be guaranteed and managed and checked from a distance. This demands bespoke constructions, specially selected components and precise calculations.

    Pump installation design
    Conversion of existing layouts
    Piping and resistance calculations
    Assembly recommendations

    Thanks to 35 years’ experience in this specialist area and a vast network of highly-specialized professionals, we take care that everything from design to installation is executed by way of an efficient project plan with clear deadlines and unequivocal KPIs.    

    The expertise offered by EHtechniek and its direct network includes: liquid flows,
    mechanics, electronics, construction expertise, pneumatics, hydraulics,  mechanical engineering, rules and regulations, technical drawing, CAD drawings, 3D rendering, project leadership, main contractor expertise, engineering, execution.

  • Machine Safety

    Safety first

    Everything that is connected with the interface between machine and man carries a risk. Regardless of whether it is a complete bascule bridge or a lathe, strict machinery directives and associated CE standards apply. Measuring compliance with machinery directives is one of the primary competencies of EHtechniek.

    EHtechniek checks and evaluates the operation and safety of a wide diversity of machines. The criteria which must be observed are laid out in a multitude of rules and regulations, many of which originate from the European CE standards. The determination of exactly which criteria need to be conformed with in itself demands relevant in-depth knowledge. EHtechniek not only has a wealth of knowledge at its fingertips, but this is also enriched with broad experience spanning several decades.

    Judging the norms
    Risk inventory
    Testing, reporting, and authorisation

    Because of our wide knowledge and broad experience, we are frequently requested to examine and evaluate the performance of machines and installations which have been designed for special purposes. For example, it could be the mechanical, electrical and electronic operation of a bascule bridge over a waterway, or the complete operation and safety of a sand sorting machine with all its foundations, drives, conveyor belts and process control features.

    EHtechniek and its direct network can offer the expertise in the following fields: mechanics, electronics, construction, pneumatics, hydraulics, toolmaking/ the making of machine or equipment parts, rules and regulations, documentation, instructions, engineering and execution.

  • Work Equipment

    Tool awareness

    It’s miraculous that the human brain is able to construct a tool as if it were an extension of the body. The sense of touch shifts from the fingertips to the point of the screwdriver, whereby the balance on a step is maintained seemingly effortlessly.

    The very fact that the use of work equipment is taken for granted is what makes it the greatest risk. A cut in a drill cable is often quickly repaired with duct tape and used negligently for months thereafter, until a disaster happens and the owner or provider of the drill is held liable. EHtechniek carries out periodical checks and authorisation with regard to the use of the equipment and makes recommendations for expert repair or temporary replacement.

    Category 0,1 and 2 work equipment
    Tools and ladders
    Periodical checks and reporting (legal authorisation)
    Instruction and documentation (manuals)

    The approval of work equipment demands much more than simply the use of a va-meter. It requires knowledge of the working of the equipment itself and insight into the application or use of the equipment. It is not just the working of an instrument, but also the user of the instrument that determines if it is constantly being used safely. Besides this, by means of these combined competencies, we can offer advice which improves not only the efficiency, but also the lifespan of often expensive work equipment.

    For inspection of category 3 and 4 work equipment, we engage the services of the most suitably qualified expert partners in our network.

  • Air treatment

    The surroundings in which EHtechniek carries out it work are often enclosed. Machine rooms, cellars, cupboards and other technical spaces are examples of such areas. To provide the right conditions for people to be able to work here, the supply of fresh air and the removal of polluted air are of utmost importance.

    Air treatment is an integral part of the activities of EHtechniek and its partners. It concerns the analysis and optimization or adjustment of the existing system, usually in areas in which we are carrying out other work. All our work and equipment is reliable and efficient.

    Analysis and measurement
    Area capacity calculations
    Airflow and resistance analysis
    Reports and recommendations

    In principle, our efforts are focussed on ensuring the adequate circulation/ inflow and outflow of air. If action regarding air quality is necessary, we call in our partners who are specialists in this field. The investigation and reporting, however, remain centrally organised. In this way, any questions concerning liability between the various parties are avoided. We frequently provide a ‘second opinion investigation’ for other parties.